What is Scalping a Lawn and When Should You Do It?

Lawn scalping strikes fear into the hearts of many tall-grass-loving homeowners. But there are times when scalping will promote the health of your lawn. Before you set your mower at its lowest setting, learn more about what scalping is and when it can encourage healthy growth in your lawn. What is scalping a lawn? To scalp … Read more

How to Create a Microclimate

If conditions aren’t ideal in your yard, join the club — the microclimate club. Microclimates are areas in the yard with slightly different climates than the surrounding area. So, how do you create a microclimate? Chances are, you already have several. It’s not difficult and doesn’t require esoteric knowledge. We’ll show you how to make … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Mow Wet Grass

Can you cut grass while it’s wet? Short answer: No. Whether it’s early morning and the lawn is still dewy, a rainstorm just ended, or you just ran your sprinklers, you should skip the mow for now. This article will explain all the reasons why you shouldn’t mow wet grass. Mowing the lawn while it’s … Read more

6 Wet Lawn Problems and How to Fix Them

Is constant rain bogging down your lawn? That much water can do a lot of damage to your grass. This guide is here to help you identify and solve some of the most common wet lawn problems, plus improve the drainage in your yard so you never face these problems again. 6 common lawn problems … Read more

When and How to Water Your Lawn

Irrigating your lawn isn’t as simple as “just add water.” You have to make sure your grass gets enough water, but not too much. You have to water at the right time and make sure the water is distributed evenly throughout the whole lawn. This lawn watering guide explains how to do all of that, … Read more

Lawn Mower Safety Tips

If you have limited time for lawn care, you definitely don’t have time for an emergency room visit. Lawn mowers are essential equipment for any yard with grass, but they can cause all kinds of injuries if you don’t take proper precautions. It’s important to follow lawn mower safety tips. Following these lawn mower safety … Read more