Zoysiagrass: How to Grow and Care for It

Zoysiagrass is a popular turfgrass for many homeowners in the southern and middle sections of the country. Are you looking for a dense stand of turf? That’s Zoysia. Do you prefer a fine-bladed lawn? Zoysiagrass has you covered. Prefer a thicker-bladed lawn instead? Yes, there are varieties for that, too. Zoysiagrass (or Zoysia, for short) … Read more

How Can You Tell if You Have Compacted Soil?

If your brown lawn isn’t improving with water and fertilizer, it might be suffering from compacted soil. But how can you tell if you have compacted soil and not some other grass ailment? From difficulty digging to poor drainage, compacted soil has a few tell-tale signs. We’ll show you how to fix compacted soil so … Read more

How Do You Grow Your Own Sod?

Your lawn looked fantastic until Fido decided it was digging time. When you need to replace a bare patch of lawn with turf, homegrown sod is a speedy and relatively easy landscaping solution. From increasing your property value to preventing weeds, sod boasts a host of benefits, and growing your own sod can be a … Read more

How to Identify and Control Grassy Weeds

 Have you ever ever visible rogue, grass-like weeds for your garden? You aren’t by myself. Grassy weeds like crabgrass plague the landscapes of many homeowners.  knowing the way to become aware of and manage grassy weeds may be hard because, for one, they appearance lots like turfgrass, and that they can be tough to pick … Read more

How to Compost for Your Lawn and Garden

 Unfastened, natural, and distinctly wealthy in vitamins, selfmade compost can revive depleted soils and flip terrible plants into wealthy yields. It’s a miracle employee, and understanding how to compost to your lawn and garden is a valuable talent to grasp.  Who can make compost? practically every body. It doesn’t count if you personal a substantial … Read more

How Your Outdoor Environment Affects Your Well-Being

 Every person knows the sensation of being invigorated after spending time outside in nature, but did you understand that you may even experience these blessings on your backyard or the front garden with the help of some landscaping pointers? research display that the environment round us is greater than just something to observe — it … Read more

17 Best Xeriscaping Plants for Your Landscape

 Xeriscaping your home reduces the quantity of water you operate to your lawn and landscape and the quantity of chemical compounds (insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and so forth.) needed to keep them healthy. A large part of xeriscaping is filling your backyard with drought-tolerant, water-wise plants, and we’ve got some top notch pointers. take a look … Read more

Causes and Cures for Compacted Soil

From heavy foot traffic to over-tilling, there are many causes of soil compaction. Sometimes soil compaction can be a good thing, particularly for construction projects. But when it comes to the health of your lawn, soil compaction can do significant harm –– and we’ll show you how to fix it. This soil compaction guide covers … Read more

12 Common Summer Lawn Pests

If you’re watering your lawn, but those brown patches won’t seem to get any greener, you might be dealing with a common summer pest. But how can you tell the difference between damage from pests, drought, and lawn disease? Pests are gross, irritating, and can damage your lawn, trees, and garden beds. Learn how to … Read more

How Earthworms Help Your Lawn and Soil

Earthworms may feel a little slimy, but their reputation in the lawn is far from it. In fact, once you learn how earthworms help your lawn and soil, you might start to encourage them. Earthworms are essential for a healthy lawn. These invertebrates help improve soil fertility, improve drainage, and encourage root growth. But remember, … Read more